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If you usually use Goear, that website that offers you more than one million of songs for free, you may have wanted to download any song you have listened to when using it.

Goear Download Plus is the program that will help you downloading any song from the online music repository.

This application includes an intelligent search engine that gives you access to the more than one million songs existing nowadays in the website.

By this way, Goear Download Plus allows you to access any song and download it in your HD in a few clicks, making sure that you will download it free of viruses and malware.

Goear gives you access to all kind of music totally free.

How to download songs using Goear Download Plus
The program is in Spanish, but it's extremely easy to use:
- Use the text box to search for any song, then press'checar' (go)
- Then, you'll view the search results, click the result you want to download.
- You'll go back to the main window automatically and the song will start playing.
- You can choose the destiny folder by pressing the button 'explorar' (browse), next to the text box named 'carpeta destino' (destiny folder)
- If that's the song you want to download, just press the button 'descargar' (Download). That's all, the song will be downloaded in a few seconds.
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